Smartvestor Pro

Thank you for connecting with us and taking the time to find a qualified financial advisor.  We understand that it can be quite an undertaking to find someone you trust with something as important as your financial goals. We think that the best place to start is right here with a SmartVestor Pro.  We look forward to having the oppertunity to connect with you soon and answer all of your questions. Until then, here are a few quick facts about us:

  1. We are a fee-based financial planning and investment management firm.
  2. We are held to a fiduciary standard, to always act in the best interest of our clients.
  3. Our advisors serve as trusted stewards to help you preserve and grow your wealth.
  4. Our firm is experienced, grounded in education with a deep foundation in the history of the markets in which we operate. 
  5. We are committed to ongoing professional development in order to serve our clients with care and skill.
  6. With an investment management process refined through many market cycles, we provide independent, objective, and unbiased advice designed to help our clients build, manage, protect, and transition their wealth. 
  7. We provide families advice on all kinds of financial decisions and act as an ongoing coach to help them reach various financial goals.

Your Local Smartvestor Pro:  

Jay Hagy