Financial markets have been in existence for over 100 years and their is only one thing that has remained the same-constant and often swift-change.  Malia Financial Group and it’s associates believe in ultra diversified portfolios that focus on objectives such as capital preservation, growth, income, and low-cost investment options.

The customized portfolios that we build for clients range from equity only, dividend driven, fixed income, and diversified groupings of Exchange Traded Funds or “ETF’s” for short.  An ETF is less expensive than a comparable mutual fund and using such along with specific equity and bond positions allows us to be more tactical. 

As a tactical money manager, we have the ability to buy and sell with your interests only in mind.  As the market changes, we can react without the added cost of loads or penalties.  Our focus is to diversify your portfolio over several different asset classes such as U.S. stocks and bonds, foreign stocks and bonds, commodities, and real estate in order to mitigate risk exposure.

Really getting to know you, your goals, and how comfortable you are as an investor with market volatility is the first step in determining the best mix of asset classes for your portfolio.  Investors typically understand the higher risk the more potential for reward; however there is also more potential for loss.  Risk tolerance typically decreases as you near and enter retirement and your goals shift toward wealth preservation and conservative growth.

As a fiduciary our firm takes the selection of securities very serious.  Our core philosophies include low expenses, manager tenure, and tax efficiency.  These are just a few key qualities that differentiate a Malia Financial Group portfolio from it’s competitors.  Your goals are our goals, and we manage your portfolio without a pressure to meet sales objectives or quotas. 

Unlike many financial firms, Malia Financial Group does not use investments that charge 12b-1 fees.  These are commonly associated with mutual funds and are additional fees the fund company charges it’s current investors to pay for marketing or advertising to acquire new clients.  Obviously this will hurt long-term performance and lead to significant cost to an investor.

We take great pride in the investment access that we are able to offer our clients not typically offered or “open” to the individual investor.  Due to the fact that we are not obligated to any one particular investment company, we are able to offer our clients the benefit of unlimited choices.

Malia Financial Group will manage your portfolio, taking your best interests into consideration at all times.  Our goal is to establish a relationship that creates a comfort and and confidence in the financial decisions that you make both now and in the future.