Money Management

Financial markets have been in existence for over 100 years and their is only one thing that has remained the same-constant and often swift-change.  Malia Financial Group and it’s associates believe in ultra diversified portfolios that focus on objectives such as capital preservation, growth, income, and low-cost investment options. Learn More

Income Planning

Income planning is an essential part of a retirement financial plan, but is often times ignored.  Most people consider contributing to their 401(K) plan or their IRA all of the “income planning” that they need.  Planning for your income during retirement needs to be a major focus when constructing a financial plan and it needs to be addressed early in your career.   Learn More


Between now and 2029, more than 10,000 baby boomers will retire each day; yet, a large portion of them consider themselves unprepared for life after work. In fact, 58% of workers aged 55 and older have less than $100,000 saved to last throughout their golden years.1 With the uncertainty of government benefits like Social Security and Medicare, as well as the increasing longevity we face, boomers and members of the generations that follow will all be focused on one common goal: establishing a significant source of income that is guaranteed for life.  Learn More


Income Planning is an essential part of retirement, but is often times set aside due to other life priorities. Most people consider contributing to their 401(k) plan all the “income planning” they need. Planning for your income in retirement requires much more attention than it receives and should be addressed early in your career. Typically, retirees are told they should plan to retire with at least 60-70% of their pre-retirement income; however most retirees know they really need about 100% of their pre-retirement income to stay comfortable. Let us help advise you on how to achieve higher potential returns for a more secure retirement … Learn More